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Builder of Brand Communities.
Creator of IMPACT.

Improve customer loyalty, retention, and leads

Janus Lasting is the creator of a complete customer community ecosystem incorporating events, online platforms, and more

Helping brands unlock additional value from their customers with intelligent planning, creating, and growing of their community.



We create events that provide a platform for community members to actively connect and participate in meaningful discussions with both each other and your brand. Live interactions, discussions, and shared experiences contribute to a more engaged and vibrant community.


We tackle the challenge many businesses face in measuring the impact of their community strategies. We offer tailored solutions to quantify the ROI and understand the tangible benefits of community engagement, providing a clear understanding of the real impact and value derived from your initiatives.


We use engaging content, targeted events, and personalized interactions, to help brands create vibrant digital communities that foster loyalty. Our approach involves tailoring strategies to each brand's unique identity, cultivating authentic connections, and adapting to the evolving online landscape. 


We employ a data-driven methodology, one that redefines planning by not just creating interactive spaces but also by establishing a dynamic ecosystem that fosters brand growth. This encompasses ambassadorships, partnerships, employee advocacy, sustainability, and DEI.


Janus Lasting has experience in over 50 cities


Janus Lasting has 20+ years experience


Janus Lasting has helped over 10 industries


Janus Lasting is responsible for over $7 million in budget spend






Experience in 50+ cities worldwide over 15+ years in 10+ industries and over $7MM+ total spend

At Janus Lasting, we specialise in empowering brands to harness the power of community programs and activations as strategic tools for fostering lasting connections with their customers. Our approach is centered on the belief that strong community engagement not only cultivates brand loyalty but also unlocks additional value from customers. By implementing targeted community initiatives, we guide brands in creating meaningful interactions that resonate with their audience, building trust, and establishing a sense of belonging.


Create Profitable Communities, Lasting Value.


Nicky M. | Global Head, Communications

"Jason is one of the most impactful community executives I have worked with. He's strategic, levering relationships and casting them in a new and fruitful light. He's creative, thinking about engagement possibilities in ways that double down on value. And he's resourceful, bringing incredible people together in ways that maximize budget and turn a community event into a memorable and profitable brand building experience."

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