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Unlock the potential of your brand's community


What does "community" mean?

Community strategy is a comprehensive plan outlining how a brand or organization engages with its community to achieve specific goals. It involves understanding the target audience, defining objectives, and implementing tailored initiatives to foster meaningful connections, drive engagement, and enhance brand loyalty. The strategy encompasses various elements such as content creation, event planning, and communication channels to create a cohesive and impactful community experience. Ultimately, community strategy aims to cultivate a vibrant and supportive community that aligns with the brand's values and contributes to its overall success.

Can communities be profitable?

Our specialization lies in constructing not just communities, but profitable ecosystems that directly contribute to a brand's revenue streams. Unlike generic communities, the Janus Lasting approach focuses on strategic engagement and value-driven interactions, ensuring that every community initiative aligns with the overarching business objectives. By seamlessly integrating community building with revenue-generating strategies, we empower brands to convert community engagement into tangible financial outcomes. This involves crafting targeted content, organizing events that drive conversions, and implementing monetization models that capitalize on the community's collective value. Whether through exclusive memberships, strategic partnerships, or innovative product launches within the community, our expertise ensures that every interaction serves a dual purpose: fostering brand loyalty and directly impacting the bottom line. The result is a thriving, monetizable community that not only enhances brand equity but also drives sustained profitability for the business.

What's better: free, paid, or freemium?

The choice between free, paid, or freemium communities depends on the specific goals and nature of the brand. Free communities offer accessibility and a broad user base, but may face challenges in sustaining quality engagement. Paid communities can generate revenue and often attract a more committed audience, but may have barriers to entry. Freemium models, combining free and paid elements, offer a balance by providing basic access for a broad audience while offering premium features for those willing to pay. Ultimately, the best choice depends on the brand's objectives, target audience, and the value proposition it seeks to provide within the community. At Janus Lasting, we have constructed all three types -- across many industries and product types -- so we can help you decide which option is best for your community products.

How do you measure the success of community initiatives?

The success of community initiatives can be measured through various key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with the specific goals of the initiative. Metrics such as member engagement, growth in community size, user-generated content, and participation in events are indicative of a thriving community. Additionally, sentiment analysis, customer satisfaction surveys, and feedback mechanisms provide insights into the community's impact on brand perception. Conversion rates, customer retention, and the achievement of predetermined objectives also serve as quantitative indicators of success. Regularly analyzing these metrics allows for data-driven insights, enabling the refinement and optimization of community strategies for sustained success.

How do you handle community moderation and governance?

Effective community moderation and governance are crucial for maintaining a positive and constructive community environment. The process involves implementing clear guidelines and rules, fostering open communication, and addressing issues promptly. Moderators play a key role in enforcing community standards, managing conflicts, and ensuring a respectful atmosphere. Governance includes establishing transparent decision-making processes, involving the community in major decisions, and fostering a sense of ownership. Regular communication with community members, providing educational resources, and leveraging technology for content monitoring contribute to a well-moderated and well-governed community, promoting a positive experience for all participants.

What is the expected timeline for seeing results from community initiatives?

The timeline for seeing results from community initiatives varies based on factors like initiative type and community size. While some initial engagement may be observed within weeks, building a robust community takes time, with long-term results often becoming evident over months or years. Different initiatives, such as events or product launches, may have distinct timelines for impact. Patience and consistent effort are crucial for lasting success.

What technologies or platforms do you recommend for community building?

The choice of community platforms depends on the specific needs and goals of the brand. At Janus Lasting, we have utilized numerous Off-The-Shelf (OTF) white label platforms, as well as branded platforms, such as Slack, Reddit, and LinkedIn. Given our specialty in creating profitable communities, we tend to favour white label platforms that include membership paywalls -- although each community building platform has its advantages and disadvantages.

What is your pricing structure for community consulting services?

At Janus Lasting, we offer a flexible pricing structure designed to accommodate the unique needs of each client. Our comprehensive services can be packaged into a flat fee, providing an all-inclusive solution for a holistic community strategy and execution. Alternatively, we understand that clients may prefer to tailor their engagement by choosing individual services from our stated services (listed on the Services page). Our à la carte pricing allows for a more customized approach, enabling clients to select specific services based on their priorities and budget. We are committed to transparency, ensuring that our pricing aligns with the value we bring to your brand's community journey. Please reach out for a personalized consultation to discuss how our pricing options can best suit your specific requirements.

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