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Our specialty lies in maximising revenue and profitability through strategic community engagement. Our approach is flexible: we offer comprehensive consulting services, or we can consult and create on targeted or specific project-based work.

When engaging us to help with end-to-end strategy consulting (or similar more holistic services), you obtain a broad confident overview of your community potential. Contained in this roadmap are specific and actionable items identified during this process, items that map to our 13 core services offered.  

Stage 1: Community Discovery

With help from frameworks and guides developed by Janis Lasting, we realise what kind of community your brand needs. This includes the purpose, the central value, key attributes, critical challenges, and necessary channels and platforms. 

Stage 2: Member Discovery

Understanding what your members need, as well as where to engage them, is critical to any community. This includes profiling your audience, understanding their preferences, motivations, and behaviors to tailor your community offerings effectively. 

Stage 3: Enterprise Alignment

Here, the overarching goals and objectives of the community strategy are defined, ensuring alignment with the broader business objectives. This step involves setting key performance indicators (KPIs) and mapping out the strategic roadmap for community development.

Stage 4: Implementation & Optimisation

This phase involves putting the community strategy into action. It includes designing and launching community initiatives, fostering engagement, and continuously refining and optimizing based on feedback and data insights.

Stage 5: Evaluation & Iteration

The performance of the community initiatives is assessed against the predefined KPIs. Lessons learned from the evaluation are used to refine the strategy further, ensuring ongoing improvement and adaptation to meet evolving community needs and business goals.

Unlock the potential of your brand's community—book a consultation today and let's create lasting connections and impactful growth together.


We excel in understanding the strategy of community design and growth, meaning we diagnose your situation and map the tactics - these 13 services - to align with your brand goals. 



Brand Alignment

Align the community so that it is an extension of the brand, reinforcing its messaging and positioning.

Audience Understanding

Tailor community initiatives to resonate with the audience and create meaningful connections.

Design and Structure

Develop a clear plan for the community's design and structure, considering the platform, features, and user experience. Establish guidelines for member interactions and ensure ease of navigation.

Content Strategy

Craft a robust content strategy that includes a mix of engaging, relevant, and valuable content. Plan for regular updates, discussions, and user-generated content to keep the community dynamic and active.


Member Engagement 

Implement strategies to encourage member engagement, such as gamification, contests, and exclusive content. Foster a sense of community ownership, making members feel invested in the platform.

Event Planning

Incorporate events into the community strategy, ranging from webinars and live Q&A sessions to virtual or in-person meet-ups. Events provide opportunities for real-time engagement and networking.

Feedback Mechanisms

Establish clear channels for member feedback. Use surveys, polls, and discussion threads to gather insights, understand community sentiment, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.


Moderation and Governance

Implement effective moderation to maintain a positive and respectful community environment. Establish governance policies that outline rules, guidelines, and consequences for community members.

Integration with Marketing and Sales

Align community initiatives with broader marketing and sales strategies. Leverage the community to gather user-generated content, testimonials, and insights that can be used in marketing campaigns.

Data Analytics

Implement robust analytics tools to track community metrics, member behavior, and engagement levels. Use data to measure the success of community initiatives and refine strategies over time.

Training and Support

Provide training and support for community managers and moderators. Ensure they understand the brand's voice, community guidelines, and are equipped to handle various community scenarios.



Design the community strategy with scalability in mind. As the community grows, ensure that systems and processes can accommodate increased membership and maintain a positive user experience.

Innovation and Trends

Stay abreast of industry trends and innovations in community management. Implement new features or strategies to keep the community dynamic and aligned with evolving expectations.

Unlock the potential of your brand's community

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