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Libera el potencial de la comunidad de tu marca


Hemos registrado algunos proyectos notables que reflejan el compromiso de Janus Lasting con la elevación de la marca. En estos ejemplos se obtuvieron presupuestos que iban desde 75.000 dólares hasta más de 500.000 dólares. Desde series de eventos y plataformas en línea hasta hojas de ruta estratégicas cuidadosamente diseñadas, nuestras experiencias se obtuvieron junto con las lecciones compartidas y el impacto que crearon. Lea sobre una cartera de premios de la comunidad y descubra el entramado creativo del contenido impulsado por la comunidad, que ilumina nuestro viaje continuo para fomentar conexiones de marca significativas. En Janus Lasting, creemos que las iniciativas comunitarias son fundamentales para una marca y sirven como piedra angular para fomentar conexiones duraderas, impulsar el compromiso y navegar por el panorama dinámico de la presencia digital con autenticidad y resonancia.

Event Series

Goal: Brand Awareness, Lead Generation

Community Type: Free (Sponsor supported), Members and Prospects

Experience: Live, In Person

Size: 1,100+

This series featured quarterly meetups in multiple cities, strategically designed to offer customers a unique space for networking and socializing. Notably, with each subsequent gathering, attendance rapidly grew, underscoring the series' increasing popularity. Beyond facilitating meaningful connections, these gatherings played a pivotal role in cultivating brand growth by fostering relationships with both new and existing community members, resulting in stronger brand loyalty. Moreover, the events served as valuable opportunities to partner with sponsors, generating revenue and providing access to sponsor networks. The series not only attracted new memberships and product subscriptions but also contributed to an enhanced Net Promoter Score (NPS), underscoring its effectiveness in elevating customer satisfaction and engagement. Attendees not only enjoyed dynamic professional networking opportunities but also contributed to the expansion and strengthening of the brand's community, realizing tangible benefits that extended beyond the event itself.

Online Platform

Goal: Brand Loyalty, Subscription Revenue

Community Type: Paid, Members

Experience: Online

Size: 5,000+

Spearheading the ideation and creation of a premium paid online community that seamlessly leveraged best-in-class software -- chosen after extensive due diligence -- the goal was to create an online destination that fosters a dynamic space for community members to connect, expand their professional networks, and enhance their skills. The community boasts various chat groups and message boards, providing interactive platforms for members to engage in meaningful conversations. Furthermore, the inclusion of job opportunities, a robust calendar of virtual events, exclusive community products, and discounts enriches the user experience, offering diverse avenues for networking and personal development. Complemented by educational courses, this comprehensive online community serves as a hub where members not only share insights and experiences but also access valuable resources to propel their professional growth. Additionally, the platform presents multiple commercial opportunities, including advertising, sponsorship, and data collection, further enhancing its value proposition for both members and to the brand.

Event Series and Online Platform

Strategic Roadmap

Goal: Community Launch, Brand Growth

Community Type: Freemium, Members

Experience: Live, In Person, and Online

Size: N/A

Entrusted with the responsibility of devising the strategic roadmap to attain one half million members in just five years, the strategic plan involved a meticulous allocation of diverse community products tailored to each maturity stage of the brand, ensuring scalable growth as the membership expanded. From the initial stages, the focus was on content creation, including newsletters, to establish a strong foundation. As the community matured, a regional chapter-based model, led by existing dedicated ambassadors, was introduced to amplify engagement. The strategy also incorporated a dynamic mix of live and virtual events, fostering real-time connections. Additionally, an online platform served as the central hub, offering a home for the community to thrive, providing seamless management and enhancing the overall member experience. Crucially, the community plan incorporated both free and paid components strategically designed to generate profit, with the aim of contributing to the brand's financial sustainability while achieving the ambitious milestone of community members.

Awards Portfolio

Goal: Brand Advocacy, Commercial Revenue

Community Type: Free (Gated, Sponsor supported), Non Members

Experience: Live, In Person, and Online

Size: 60,000+ 

A collection of individually recognized awards, each honoring different areas of the brand community and each with online voting and in-person event components, this collection of awards were designed to celebrate the community, spotlight specific outstanding members, and foster enhanced relationships with brand partners, encompassing both ambassadors and commercial collaborators. This initiative not only recognized and honored specific achievements, but they also played a vital role in building a stronger sense of unity and pride within the community.  Furthermore, the recognition elevated the community's overall profile, attracting attention and participation from a broader audience including national media. Simultaneously, it strengthened ties with brand partners, fostering a collaborative environment that benefited both ambassadors and commercial collaborators. In essence, the awards portfolio became a catalyst for community growth, engagement, and the cultivation of meaningful partnerships, contributing to the overall vibrancy and success of the community.

Strategic Roadmap and Awards Portfolio

Thought Leadership

Goal: Client Retention, Lead Generation

Community Type: Paid, Members and Prospects

Experience: Live, In Person

Size: 10,000+

Amidst the challenge of a fragmented global community, our strategic assignment was to create a unified brand and community experience yielding transformative outcomes. We orchestrated a comprehensive restructuring that introduced a cohesive brand identity, paving the way for a harmonized membership experience across diverse geographies. The implementation of a chapter-based model provided structure and autonomy to local communities, while unique and region-specific events curated thoughtfully catered to the members' interests. Notably, the enthusiastic support from clients who helped establish each local chapter played a pivotal role in the success of this endeavor. Within a remarkable 12-month span, the impactful transformation was evident as local chapters seamlessly converged at larger multi-national thought leadership events. This unified brand and community experience not only codified membership but also fostered a sense of belonging, with all events centered around thought leadership, enriching the collective knowledge and establishing a dynamic global community with shared values and purpose, while serving to lift the company brand and it's relationships with their customers. 

Brand Advocacy

Goal: Brand Growth, Lead Generation

Community Type: Paid, Members and Prospects

Experience: Online

Size: 10,000+

Tasked with cultivating a community centered around content, User-Generated Content (UGC), ambassadorships, and partnerships, the benefits proved numerous to both members and the organizing company. For community members, the focus on content ensured a continuous influx of valuable and diverse perspectives, fostering a dynamic and engaging environment. UGC not only empowered members to contribute to the narrative but also allowed for a varied and authentic representation of the community's collective voice. Ambassadorships brought forth opportunities for select members to play pivotal roles in shaping the community, fostering leadership, and facilitating meaningful connections. The sense of ownership and responsibility associated with ambassador roles enhanced members' engagement and commitment to the community's growth. Lastly, partnerships contributed to the community's vitality by introducing external expertise, resources, and opportunities. Collaborating with like-minded organizations enhanced the community's reach, providing members with access to exclusive benefits and fostering a sense of belonging to a larger ecosystem.

For the brand, the continuous flow of User-Generated Content not only reduced content creation costs but also added an authentic and diverse touch to the brand narrative. In total, the community focus on content created a thriving ecosystem where members feel empowered, engaged, and connected, while the brand gained from a vibrant and loyal community that willingly contributed to brand growth and success.

Thought Leadership and Brand Advocacy

Eleve su marca a través del poder de la comunidad.

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